Instrumental Quantifications: Easy bottom-up uncertainty evaluations!

The paper “Monte Carlo Bottom-up Evaluation of Global Instrumental Quantification Uncertainty: Flexible and user-friendly computational tool” makes bottom-up uncertainty evaluations easy! (DOI This research presents a novel and flexible tool for the Monte Carlo simulation of global instrumental quantifications uncertainty applicable to determinations supported on low quality and correlated calibrators values, homoscedastic or heteroscedastic signals’ Read more about Instrumental Quantifications: Easy bottom-up uncertainty evaluations![…]

Spreadsheet for outliers detection

Detecting single and paired outliers in replicate signals of calibration standards can be useful. Please find below a link for the spreadsheet.   Outliers are identified by cell colours. The test’s confidence level can be selected in W column. Single outliers should be removed first. Do not remove more data than reasonable. Link for the Read more about Spreadsheet for outliers detection[…]