Instrumental Quantifications: Easy bottom-up uncertainty evaluations!

The paper “Monte Carlo Bottom-up Evaluation of Global Instrumental Quantification Uncertainty: Flexible and user-friendly computational tool” makes bottom-up uncertainty evaluations easy! (DOI This research presents a novel and flexible tool for the Monte Carlo simulation of global instrumental quantifications uncertainty applicable to determinations supported on low quality and correlated calibrators values, homoscedastic or heteroscedastic signals’ Read more about Instrumental Quantifications: Easy bottom-up uncertainty evaluations![…]

Procedure (not method…) validation!

According to VIM3 [1], a method is: a “generic description of a logical organization of operations used in a measurement” (Entry 2.5) (e.g. standard addition method or gas-chromatography) …therefore, methods cannot be validated because are too general. The detailed description of the analytical methodology, subject to validation, is a procedure: Measurement procedure (Entry 2.6): “detailed Read more about Procedure (not method…) validation![…]